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March 23, 2023 1 min read

If you walk into the gym determined to work on your triceps, the triceps press-down is probably one of the first exercises you intend to do.

The triceps press-down is a simple isolation exercise that's as effective as anything else for targeting and building muscle on the back of your upper arms. This makes it an excellent exercise for toning your triceps. As you might expect, the primary muscle group targeted by the triceps pushdown is your triceps.

However, this exercise also engages several secondary muscle groups, including your lats, abs, obliques, pecs, and traps. These secondary muscles contract to stabilize and support the pushdown movement. Using your back, shoulders, or chest to lower the weight, on the other hand, risks injury and negates the primary benefits of the triceps pushdown.

Although it is most commonly done with a cable system, at-home tricep workouts can be done with Recovapro PUMP!