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November 13, 2020 2 min read

Everyone is eager to go out after being locked up from quarantine, but these tough times are getting tougher, keeping us in the confines of our home unsure when will this pandemic end so that we can resume our usual and normal lives as before. We tend to live a prolonged and excessive sedentary life just watching TV, waiting for any updates on the virus, or playing video games to fight the boredom. We eat a lot and leave our diet unnoticed, and we even forget to exercise when we should not.

Keeping your body in good shape during this pandemic can be very challenging while at home, especially when you’re used to heading up to the gym with your fitness buddies or hitting the road for a long run with your friends and colleagues. However, it’s still important that you engage in physical activities to keep your immune system healthy and be able to fight COVID-19, and it can be possible even while on social distancing. Just keep in mind these 3 basic elements of fitness:

  • FLEXIBILITY: Always start and end your routine with stretching exercises. This serves as your pre warmup before proceeding with your endurance training and a cool down to help you recover safely and smoothly.
  • ENDURANCE: Do your aerobic exercise for 10 to 15 minutes (or longer, depending on your ability). Exercises such as walking, jogging, or marching in place are good options, especially if you’re in a tight space and no treadmill or stationary bicycle available.
  • STRENGTH: After warming up, perform strengthening exercises focusing on major muscle groups of your upper and lower limbs, as well as your core. Bodyweight exercises are ideal when you don’t have exercise equipment at home. Repeat each exercise about 10–15 times for three sets.

Physical activity can improve our mood and energy level, and help us fight the anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being locked up at home and restricted doesn’t have to stop us from achieving our fitness goals as this may be the only thing we got to fight the virus. Staying safe is still a priority.