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August 10, 2021 2 min read

Recovapro massage gun is a breakthrough percussion massager designed to deliver mechanical vibration therapy and induce therapeutic effects to aid in the prevention and treatment of common sports soft tissue injuries, such as quadriceps strains.

  • Use it during warmup as an addition to your dynamic stretching or by itself to improve blood flow and increase flexibility, as well as stimulate the quadriceps prior to training or competition.
  • Use it as a cool-down tool after strenuous activities to improve clearance of metabolic waste through enhanced lymphatic circulation, while delivering a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for muscle repair and fast recovery.
  • The therapeutic effects also help in reducing muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms, and muscle pains. All of which may contribute to an increased risk of injury.



  • For warmup, cooldown, and recovery: round or flat-head attachment at levels 1 to 3 intensity.
  • For myofascial release and trigger pointing: power, bullet, or fork-head attachment at levels 2 to 5.


  1. Turn the Recovapro massage gun on and choose the desired intensity level.
  2. Swipe the muscle longitudinally using an effleurage or gliding technique, moving up and down the whole length of the muscle for 15 seconds.
  3. Apply a cross-fiber or compression broadening technique with deeper pressure, moving back and forth from side to side to further loosen up the muscle. Also for 15 seconds.
  4. Hold the gun against an area of localized tenderness (muscle knot) for 15 seconds or until tissue release is felt.
  5. Finish a session by gliding the gun from side to side, and back and forth across all the muscle fiber for another 15 seconds.

PRO TIP:The RECOVAPRO Protocol can be customized using different massage techniques with different head attachments at varying intensity levels depending on your need or preference.  For example, some people may use the ball-head attachment for a more comfortable release or trigger pointing session, although the fork and bullet-head attachments are ideal for the goal. Similarly, the ball or flat-head attachment may be used for stripping techniques, but the power, fork, or bullet-head attachments may provide more effective results.


Quadriceps strains are less common than the hamstring strain, but it can really be troublesome when not prevented as these muscles play an active role in daily life more so in athletic participation. Know how to properly care for your quadriceps to reduce your risk of injury. One must identify the factors that could contribute to its occurrence and ensure that training and rehab programs address them appropriately. If you’ve already sustained an injury and undergoing treatment, make sure that all criteria for return to sports are met before resuming sports participation to prevent reinjury.

Injured athletes often want to quickly return to their sports. Recovapro understands this need and aims to help athletes return to their previous level of activity by the quickest and safest means possible. It offers a range of recovery tools that can help athletes get through the toughest injuries fast and effectively. So, Recover With Us and get back on track fast!!!

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