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November 24, 2020 3 min read

Have you ever wondered why LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Derrick Rose are so freakingly good at crossovers? Is this an innate skill that these players are born with or are they just lucky?...

Although this ability has something to do with their body structures, these athletes develop a skill that allows them to change directions at such a high speed and power with full control... and that is AGILITY.

Some players and coaches alike don't recognize the value of agility training in sports and mainly focus on strength training. Most athletes visit the gym to bulk up and improve their endurance, thinking that they could keep up with the demands of the sports by focusing on these areas but, unknowingly, such could slow them down during quick movements due to the weight gained, increasing their susceptibility to injuries.  Agility is the ability to move and change direction as quickly as possible with full control, requiring quick reflexes, coordination, balance, and speed. For some athletes, this area of fitness training is just a waste of time and effort. However, agility training can help improve their skills and eventually enhanced their athletic performance.


Regardless of the sport you play, agility training is an essential component for improved athletic performance. Agility combines speed, balance, strength, coordination, and body control in one movement. Working up your agility will improve these areas of fitness.

  • It improves balance and stability.Sudden changes in direction from a full stop while at a high speed can throw you off balance. This is where agility skill is tested. Since movement is dynamic, the ability to regain balance at each change of direction is crucial.
  • It improves coordination.Developing hand-eye coordination and speed with quick footwork can train your body to work as a whole and in sync with each other. Movements will be more fluid and coordination in transitions.

And apart from these, other benefits that are often not seen and talked about but experienced by the body. The following is a list of the other benefits that a player could get with agility training:

  • IMPROVES REACTION TIME:Agility drills can develop anticipation of movement sequence and accurate timing. The reaction time contributes to the overall duration of a specific movement, which means that a faster reaction can reduce the total movement time.
  • BUILDS UP STAMINA:Performing agility drills repeatedly can develop an athlete’s ability to move with less energy being exhausted. Athletes sometimes tend to expend on wasted movements, where they get tired and drained quickly. Efficiency is key to preserving your stamina, and agility will play a huge role in that goal of yours.
  • FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION:Agility training works out the mind to improve cognitive abilities, such as focus and concentration. The minds are set to react quickly so that movements are accomplished with accurate timing and correct recognition.
  • PREVENTS ATHLETIC INJURIES:Agility training can improve flexibility, balance, and control. These reduce your risk for acquiring injuries from a misstep by strengthening your base for movements, allowing your body to instantly adjust its position and regain balance.
  • SHORTEN RECOVERY TIME:As agility training becomes part of your routine, your body will learn to adapt to it while building overall strength. Stronger bodies can withstand a great amount of strain with less muscle fiber tearing, which in turn can shorten recovery time.
  • INCREASED RESULTS IN MINIMAL TIME:As a High‑Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), agility exercises engage many muscles in just one move, which results in greater gains than just concentrating on strengthening one muscle group at a time.

THE TAKEAWAY: Agility doesn't just improve athletic performance. It can aid you in your day-to-day movements. After intense agility training, your body will have the speed and power, with full control of movements. Whether you’re having issues with your balance, wanting to build your mind-body connection, or improving your recovery time, agility training will cover these up for you. And as it’s intense training, your body can become sore and fatigued. Let Recovapro deal with it.